Hospitals nowadays, are increasingly setting higher standards in patient satisfaction, and healthcare solutions. Their primary focus is on running their day to day activities and operate round-the-clock to care for their patients. For an environment as busy and demanding as that of hospitals, it is understandable that access to food and drinks are not always available. However, it must be prioritised. Below are reasons why a fully supplied hospital vending machine is important for hospital health workers.

Vending Machines Provide Accessible Drinks and Snacks

Hospital staff, nurses, and doctors who are on 24-hour shifts also need to take their breaks now and then. Vending machines provide easily accessible drinks and snacks, turning their breaks into a refreshing and energising moment.

Vending Machines with Healthier Options Increase Healthy Purchases

Snacking on soft drinks, candy bars, and chips several times a week can detract from an overall healthy diet and lead to weight gain. This can drastically affect your health care costs, as obesity is a catalyst for many other illnesses such as high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease. You can help consumers in healthcare institutions select healthier vending machine options by controlling what is offered in the vending machine. If you opt for vending machines with healthier alternatives you will most likely increase healthier purchases. They can alleviate their hunger and quench their thirst even at odd hours when the cafeteria is closed all the while preventing the consumers from diseases brought by unhealthy food. Aside from that, adding vending machines in healthcare institutions is a welcoming treat to family members and visitors in the waiting room. Having a vending machine with healthier options in your premises will not only complement the amenity you provide to staff and visitors, you also augment your free space and earn a fraction of the revenue.

Vending Machines with Healthier Options Prevent Chronic Diseases

Improving food and beverage environments in health care facilities is an evolving area, and there are great opportunities for health care facilities to become model environments that support obesity- and chronic-disease-prevention strategies. Community obesity-prevention programs can partner with healthcare institutions to create seamless environments that support healthy eating and physical activity for consumers. Several researches suggest that a change in the health care food environment can affect staff, visitor, and patient health.

Vending machines are proven to be a useful brainchild of innovation and technology. And what better way to utilise it than to purchase one from Gameking Total Vending Solutions. We offer various types of vending machines including snacks, beverages, and combo, fresh and healthy options. To ensure the best ways to minimise the need for a vending machine repair, consult us. We are in the ideal position to fulfil all of our clients’ requirements in a timely, courteous and effective manner. We never rely on inexperienced contractors or staff members. Also, we do not overload venues with too many vending machines since we want to keep all the products fresh and flavourful.



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