Skills testers are ideal types of game machines to lure customers to spending their money to see if they can perfect their skills. They can earn your company extra money above the other profits you make from your other services or products. Just be certain to turn to the right company for the best machines and service plans. Gameking happens to be the company that can help you accomplish this goal. Read on to learn what makes our skill-testing machines different from other vending machines.

Modern Design to Attract Current Generation of Players

Our skills testers have a clean, crisp modern design with the latest in graphics to ensure that they will attract all players. The fluorescent lights that they contain are bright, clear and flicker-free. Their smooth surfaces are built for easy cleaning.

Unique, Durable Construction

Robust, innovative construction means less downtime and need for repairs with our machines. All components are high-quality, Australian-made ones. Our skills testers are designed for the repair techs and not for the manufacturer.

Hi-Tech Components Ensure Maximum Uptime

You will receive optimal uptime, thanks to the hi-tech components that our testers contain. These include the latest easy-clean note readers and coin mechanisms along with the most current anti-jam coin chutes to ensure smooth cash processing. No more jammed coins.

Front-Mounted Display Is Easy to See and Use

Due to the fact that players need to clearly understand various details of the skills testers, all our machines contain a front-mounted, large touch-screen display. Players receive all the facts that they require in a clear, precise fashion.

User Interaction Is Tracked

The skills testers from our company log all user interaction. By doing so, you receive all the data necessary for when and how users play the machines.

Satisfied Customers Return for More Action

Due to the fact that our machines to test skills are user-friendly and offer superior game play, satisfied customers keep returning time and again for more action. The product sensor allows a player to win a minor or major prize each time he or she uses the machine. Stock sensors adjust the height of the prize tray in order for the machine to always appear full. The climate control even keeps chocolates at the right temperature.

The LCD Display Panel Offers an Interactive Experience

One last thing that makes our skills testers stand out from the other vending machines is the innovative, 32-inch, LCD, widescreen display panel that they contain. This panel ensures that the users receive an enjoyable interactive experience from the start to the finish of the game play.

Consult with our company at your convenience to learn additional facts about what makes our skills testers different from other vending machines. At the same time, we will provide you with our entire leasing plan for your consideration.

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