Many companies and other venues are moving away from junk food for their vending machines today. Either their views guide this change or there are requests from their employees, clients, and visitors because of dietary restrictions or health consciousness. Instead of sugary, high-calorie or empty-nutritional products, some vending machine users and businesses are selecting healthy food and beverage options to dispense and sell to customers. Read on, to learn more about the nutritious choices that you can include in your vending machines that you receive from our company, Gameking.

Include Fresh Foods in Your Machines for Your Vending Customers Consideration

You can choose from a selection of nutritious fresh foods from fruits to salads for your vending machines. Health-conscious people will gladly purchase from your machines when they need to energise their bodies since these foods are much better for them than sweets, chips or carbonated drinks.

Healthy Snacks and Drinks Also Are Available

We also provide fruit juices, water and other healthy beverages that are ideal for hydration. On top of this, you can choose healthy snacks to add to your other nutritious fare. Your sales will increase substantially when you combine these items with the fresh foods above since your vending customers are more likely to purchase them over unhealthy choices.

Our Vending Machines Keep All Healthy Food Options at the Right Temperature

All our machines maintain the correct temperature for the product that they contain. While certain foods do not require any refrigeration at all, the fresh foods need the right temperature to prevent spoilage, and it is no fun to drink a warm beverage.

We Maintain and Refill Your Machines Efficiently

Gameking will check your machines on a regular basis to ensure that they are operating correctly. Our company also refills your products as needed to ensure that your machines are always ready for your vending customers. If you see that certain products are not selling, we will happily change them for ones that are in demand.

Different Configurations Are Possible with Our Vending Machines

Along with our assortment of products and services, we offer various configurations in our machines. Our company will include just drink, snack, healthy foods or fresh foods in their own individual machines, or to save space, combination machines are possible that mix different types of products together.

For further facts about our vending machines with healthy food options, contact us at your earliest convenience. We also offer traditional vending options as well for those of your customers who do have a craving for salty or sweet refreshments. On top of all of this we offer games and skill testers along with event hire services.

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