vending machines for event hire

Opt for vending machines for event hire to enhance event experiences. Offered by Gameking, transform events and boost branding in Australia. Call 0414 868 500.

Events, whether corporate gatherings, trade shows, or special celebrations, are all about generating memorable experiences. In recent years, vending machines have emerged as a dynamic addition to event setups, revolutionising the way attendees interact with brands and access products. If you want to hire vending machines for your upcoming event, you must partner with us at Gameking.

Gameking’s vending machines for event hire can provide you with tons of benefits that can surely enhance the event experiences of your attendees.

Guaranteed Versatility

Vending machines can dispense a wide range of items, from snacks and beverages to promotional merchandise and event tickets. The versatility of offerings makes these machines adaptable to different event types and themes.

Ensured Convenience

Vending machines enhance the convenience and accessibility of essential items, such as snacks, beverages, and hygiene products, ensuring that attendees have everything they need throughout the event. This convenience also deters them from buying outside your event proper, helping you earn more sales instead of losing them to your competitors.

Personalised Interactions

Modern vending machines can be customised to offer a personalised experience. Attendees can select from a range of products, customise their choices, and even receive custom messages or branding elements, creating a sense of connection and engagement.

Instant Gratification

Vending machines provide instant access to products, snacks, or promotional items. This immediacy adds an element of excitement and convenience to events, keeping attendees satisfied and engaged whenever they use these machines during your event.

Boosted Brand Exposure

Aside from custom interactions and instant gratification, vending machines can also be branded with event or sponsor logos, making them a powerful tool for brand exposure. Attendees interact directly with branded machines, reinforcing brand recognition and leaving a lasting impression.

Interactive Marketing

Interactive vending machines can even gamify the experience, turning product selection into a fun and engaging activity. This gamification encourages participation and leaves attendees with positive associations, which can make their stay at your event more fun.

Product Sampling

Events are an ideal platform for product sampling. Vending machines can dispense samples of new products or services, allowing attendees to try them before they buy and providing valuable feedback to brands you may be selling or partnering with.

Novelty Factor

Vending machines at events are still a relatively novel concept. Their presence adds an element of surprise and novelty that captures attendees’ attention and creates buzz around the event.

Vending machines for event hire by Gameking are more than just snack dispensers as they are also powerful tools for enhancing event experiences. Their ability to engage attendees, promote brands, offer personalised interactions, and provide convenience makes them valuable assets for event planners and marketers. As the event industry continues to evolve, vending machines are likely to play an increasingly significant role in creating memorable and impactful event experiences.

Our vending machines at Gameking can be fitted with snacks, beverages, fresh foods, and many more, which can all be beneficial for your event or any other occasion.