The retail industry has significantly improved globally over the last few years. Different innovative strategies have been employed to ensure that sales and revenue will continue to increase without undermining the importance of consumer satisfaction. With the advent of technology comes the decreased demand for manpower in the retail industry. Self-servicing technology such as vending machines have gained popularity since they can offer products 24/7 without the need for someone to look after them. The adoption rate of self-services technology in the worldwide scene has been notably high. In recent years, many developing countries have adopted convenient vending machines so the market is expected to witness market growth of 17.6% from 2017 to 2023. Below are the retail advancement benefits of vending machine technology for business owners and consumers.

Vending Machine Technology Continues to Advance Its Features

Vending machine technology continues to provide the latest advancements such as face recognition systems and identity card identification to verify the buying history of customers, thereby ushering an era of technologically-advanced vending machines.

Vending Machine Technology are Being Adopted by Nations Worldwide

The adoption rate of self-services technology in the entire world is notably high, due to technological advancements and emergence of new business models. China and Japan hold the maximum market share of vending machine market, while India and Australia, on the other hand, are showing tremendous potential towards the adoption of self-service technology during the forecast period. Researchers also cited the boom in the retail sector and emerging infrastructure as some of the key factors facilitating the growth of the vending machines in these regions. For example, NTT communications in Japan has introduced SIM card vending machine to address the needs of tourists in the country.

Vending Machine Technology Fits Consumer Needs

Experts have consolidated their efforts to learn more about the appeal of vending machines in today’s economy. They shared that vending machines provide a variety of choice to consumers and are not limited to a bricks-and-mortar store’s standard operating hours. The machines also fit the fast pace lifestyle of today’s consumers by offering a convenient and fuss-free grab-and-go method of purchasing.

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