When your goal is to supply the ideal sweet treats for chocolate lovers who visit your location regularly, there is nothing better than a Cadbury chocolate machine. This vending machine contains only chocolate products made by Cadbury. In each slot, there is a different chocolate snacks to please the most avid of chocoholics.

John Cadbury set up shop for the first time in 1824 in a fashionable part of Birmingham, England. Along with offering coffee, tea, mustard and hops, he also sold cocoa and drinking chocolate that was prepared with a mortar and pestle. The elite of English society enjoyed the drinking chocolate and cocoa, which both were a luxury at that time. Sugar was added to the chocolate drinks later on in the history of this early start of the forerunner of the Cadbury Company. It was then that the chocolate was sold in the form of blocks for the customers to scrape a bit off into hot water or milk to make their own tasty beverages.

John Cadbury started manufacturing cocoa and drinking chocolate in 1831, and this was the foundation of the company as we know it today. In just 11 short years, he had expanded his offerings to 16 different products of drinking chocolate and cocoa in both powder and cake versions. The company expanded throughout the years and even was passed on to other family members. Then, in 1919, Cadbury came to Australia to build a new factory.

Examples of the Products That Are in a Cadbury Chocolate Vending Machine

Today, Cadbury offers chocolates that suit the lovers of pure chocolate bars along with the ones that enjoy a bit of fruit and/or nuts with their chocolate. Below, learn about some of the Cadbury products that you can include in your chocolate vending machine:

• Cadbury Dairy Milk is a block of milk chocolate and is one of the favourite chocolates here in Australia. It contains over a glass of milk in each 200-gram bar.

• Cadbury Dairy Milk Fruit & Nut come with sultanas, almonds and milk chocolate.

• Cherry Ripe bars come in single-dipped and double-dipped versions and combine cherries, coconut and Old Gold dark chocolate for a delectable taste experience.

• Crunchie Bar includes a golden honeycomb that is generously coated in Cadbury milk chocolate.

• Boost Bar has a smooth, rich chocolate centre that contains caramel-coated crunchy pieces of biscuits. All of this is coated in Cadbury milk chocolate.

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