Office break room vending machines are in constant use throughout the day by company staff members. With the busy workflow in business offices today, break times are often short. For this reason, employees rely on the snack foods and beverages that are dispensed in the company’s staff lounge or break room vending machines.

During both their morning and afternoon breaks, office workers often purchase light foods and drinks from these machines. On workdays that are extra busy, they may stay late at their desks, working overtime to complete important tasks and projects.

Since many office workers now prefer healthy, low-calorie snack foods and beverages, there is a growing demand for fresh and healthy option vending machine products. Even when snacking between meals, consumers now want nutritious and energising foods and drinks.

As fresh fruits, nuts, salads and juices gain higher popularity and sales rates, candy bars with a high-fat content drop in sales numbers. Workers of all ages are now favouring a healthy approach to snacking, and natural or organic foods continue to gain in popularity.

Importance of Healthy Snack and Beverage Vending Machines in Office Break Rooms

Vending machines dispensing healthy snacks and beverages in office break rooms are important today for the following reasons:

  1. Current Healthy Diet Trends. Placing vending machines that dispense fresh and healthy choice foods and drinks in office break rooms recognises the strong current trend toward eating a healthy diet. When the lunch, snack or break rooms at their workplaces are stocked with a pure, natural or organic snack and beverage choices, employees are encouraged to adhere to their healthy dietary plans.
  1. Convenient Time Savers. On days when employees are especially busy working, they may take shorter breaks than usual. In addition, on rainy days or during snowstorms, these workers may choose to stay indoors for their lunch and break times. On these days, having vending machines that offer healthy snacking choices in the office employee lunch or break room is a definite plus.

These machines are convenient, usually only requiring a short walk down the hall to access snack foods and drinks. Even on some bright, sunny days, company employees may decide to relax in the attractive office break room while enjoying fresh food or healthy choice snack and beverage from the vending machines.

  1. Good HR Practice. Catering to the contemporary trend of preferring fresh and healthy snack and beverage selections over unhealthy choices that are high in sugar and fats is a good human resources practice by companies.

When employees can purchase low-calorie snack items and non-fat drinks without the need to leave their offices, they feel that their human resources administrators have the employees’ best interests in mind. These office workers also feel that their company leaders also favour healthy snacking foods, beverages and habits.

By contacting our experts at Gameking Total Vending Solutions with offices in Morisset, NSW, and serving all of Australia, you can obtain comprehensive information about vending machines that dispense healthy snacks and beverages.

When these machines are placed in company office break rooms, employees can enjoy participating in the growing consumer trend toward purchasing more fresh and healthy choice snack foods and beverages. Your client companies will be pleased, and the profits of your vending machine business will increase significantly.