Successful vending machine company owners understand the necessity of cleaning and disinfecting vending machines regularly. Since these machines dispense consumers’ favourite snacks, light meals, beverages, natural products and healthy choice items, they are constantly in use.

Savvy owners and operators of vending machine businesses know that their machines must be maintained in excellent operating order. They also ensure that all of their machines are cleaned, painted and polished if necessary for an attractive, user-friendly appearance.

The Great Importance of Cleaning and Disinfecting Vending Machines

It is essential during the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic to keep your vending machines sparkling clean to prevent the spread of viruses and germs. Even during times when no serious diseases or health issues are threatening the general population, your machines should be cleaned and disinfected to protect the consumer’s health.

Some advice and tips for keeping your vending machines spotless and sanitised include the


  • Use Best Cleaning Agents. Use only the cleaning agents that are recommended by the manufacturer of your vending machines for cleaning your machines. Although you want to use cleansers that clean thoroughly and well, you want to avoid dulling the surfaces of your machines. Some machines may have finishes that require polishing after cleaning as well.
  • Use Appropriate Disinfectants. By using the disinfectants that the manufacturer of your machines recommends, you can prevent causing any surface damage to the exterior of your machines. If you use a product that is too harsh, it may dull the finish of your machine surfaces or damage the exterior enamel paint finish.
  • Apply Cleaner and Disinfectant with Soft Cloths. Both the cleaning agent and the disinfectant should be applied to your vending machines with a soft cloth. Never spray these cleansing substances directly on the outer machine surfaces. If you spray your machines, excess liquid may seep into the electrical components, such as the keypad or the touch screen and interior lighting mechanisms.
  • Use Three Separate Cloths. When cleaning or disinfecting your vending machines, use three separate soft cloths. One cloth should be used to clean or disinfect areas of the machine that consumers touch when purchasing products. These areas include the keypad or touch screen and the general exterior surfaces that users may touch.

The second cloth should be used for cleansing and sanitising the inside of your machine. The third cloth should be used to clean and disinfect the remainder of the machine’s exterior.

It can also be helpful to follow the example of worldwide merchants who have kept a supply of hand sanitising cloths available for shoppers in stores throughout the pandemic. By placing a dispenser of these wet cloths near your machine or groups of machines, you can encourage vending machine users to sanitise their hands before touching your machines.

By consulting our experts at Gameking Total Vending Solutions with offices in Morisset, NSW, you will receive excellent information and advice concerning cleaning and sanitising your vending machines. Our experienced team will guide you in using the best-recommended practices and ideal cleaners and disinfectants to keep your machines thoroughly cleaned and sanitised.