A micro-market can be thought of as a supermarket model of a vending machine. This small space offers snacks and beverages plus a self-checkout kiosk. Micro-markets also feature healthy lunches and snack foods. Many consumers today think of these mini-sales venues as miniature convenience stores rather than updated vending machines.

In today’s fast-paced business world, employees often lack the time needed to leave their offices or workstations to go out to lunch. They often buy lunch foods and drinks from micro-markets in their offices and other workplaces. Some company staff members may be attending college or trade school classes at night. For these students, having a nearby micro-market at work enables them to study while having lunch or a snack.

Primary Differences Between Micro-Markets and Vending Machines

The main differences between contemporary micro-markets and traditional vending machines include the following:

• Fresh Food Options. Consumers are buying more healthy lunches and snack foods today than in past years. With the growing popularity of healthy option foods, micro-markets that offer freshly stocked natural, vegetarian and vegan food choices each day are also gaining popularity rapidly.

• Convenient Space Savers. Micro-markets can fit into virtually any space, even in small offices. They need only an electrical wire connection for powering the coolers and a good internet connection for operating the checkout kiosk.

• Safe and Reliable Use. The ongoing safety issue with using vending machines was their frequent malfunctioning. Many times, products got stuck in the machines after customers bought them. Agitated customers tended to tilt and shake these machines, pounding them with clenched fists.

Yet, these attempts to free items bought that were trapped in the machines often failed. In addition, many customers were injured, some seriously, when some machines tipped over, trapping these product buyers beneath them.

• Easy Kiosk Programming. The self-checkout kiosks of these micro-markets need no complicated programming. They can be connected easily with a bank or utility company for use. The kiosks also offer additional attractive features like check depositing, bill payment options and even payday loans.

To date, it seems that the only major problem with using contemporary micro-markets is their higher prices. Most products dispensed by these mini-markets are approximately 20 percent more expensive than regular vending machine choices. The higher cost helps to cover the expense of food spoilage, theft, necessary supplies and additional equipment.

By contacting our experts at Gameking Total Vending Solutions with offices in Morisset, NSW, you can gain valuable information and advice concerning installing one or more micro-markets in your place of business. Your employees will thank you enthusiastically when you add these mini-convenience stores to your office, showroom or factory.

Our experienced team can guide you in selecting the ideal micro-market designs to greatly enhance the workday experience for one and all of your company staff members today.