Vending machines have become an everyday necessity in communities and business settings across Australia. Whether consumers are shopping at a corner shopping centre or in a nearby mall, they are sure to pass by several clusters of vending machines offering a variety of products. On busy days at work in offices, showrooms, shops or factories, employees will most likely purchase snacks, beverages or light meals from convenient combo machines.

Today’s advanced models of these essential sales machines offer items ranging from food and drinks to clothing, health and beauty products and smartphones. In some locales, shoppers can even buy a new car, truck or van via a vending machine.

Current Strategies for Making Vending Machines More Profitable

Updated strategies and methods for increasing the profitability of vending machine owners and operators include the following:

  • Stay Updated on Busiest Local Shopping Areas. Know your marketing and sales region well and stay current with any changes in high-volume shopping locales. If your town or city neighbourhood has more than one major shopping centre, watch customer trends carefully, noting any significant loss or gain from machines placed at each location.
  • Reassess Local Customers’ Preferences and Needs. Stay aware of current and changing buying preferences from your vending machines placed in the busiest shopping areas in your locale. Although your machines may dispense a large volume of sunglasses and hand sanitiser for a couple of months, smartphone chargers and beach shoes may have high sales rates during the following few weeks.
  • Place a Variety of Machines in Busy Areas. Once you determine a consistently busy commercial area of your town or city district, place several vending machines that dispense a variety of sales items at these locations. Offer customers various foods and drinks, small electronic items and accessories, hats, T-shirts and jackets or toiletries. Keep these machines well-stocked, and evaluate the sales rates of each product offered during the next few weeks.
  • Know Which Products Sell Best in Business Settings. Keep track of the items with the highest sales rates in different business settings. This will enable you to stock your vending machines in these areas with the best products for returning high-volume sales numbers. Workers are often creatures of habit, and many company employees tend to buy the same or similar products over some time. However, you need to monitor sales at these locations regularly to catch any new developments in shopping trends.
  • Stay Updated on Students’ Favourite Snacks and Beverages. If your company, as the owner and operator of a vending machine, places machines in high schools or on college campuses, watch student buying habits. Food, beverage and combo machines are typically quite popular among students. Healthy option foods and small digital devices and accessories are also popular sales items for college students.

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