Claw Machine is the most popular marketing game, and it can be found in every arcade centre, workplace game room, shopping centre, theatre, bowling alley, and a variety of other locations. Unless otherwise indicated, they are typically configured for unrestricted free play. The Claw Crane Arcade Machine was originally a coin-operated game, and this function is frequently utilised during events to control the crowd or gain access to the free items contained within the machine by inputting a token provided by the customer to start the game. This can be done by inserting a coin into the machine.

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Adding More Fun to Your Holiday Gatherings!

Many of you have probably already learned that winning a product from a game at a retail store is difficult. As a result, the difficulty level of the rented games is adjusted to a level that is easier to achieve to make it more likely that players will win the product being given away. Please remember that the Arcade Claw Machine is still regarded as a skill game and that even with the difficulty level set to the lowest possible setting, a victory percentage of one hundred per cent is not feasible.

The intensity with which players compete in rental Claw Machine games, in which they seek to win free prizes, is one factor contributing to the popularity of these games. The competition is even fiercer when it comes to individuals who have won for real. Our customers feel that the most effective way to advertise their products through the game is to provide the player with financial compensation for their successful participation.

They believe that because it helps establish bridges and ties with potential consumers, it is the most effective technique to reach out to potential customers and communicate with them.

Where We Come in the Play

Our Claw Machines may be branded or custom wrapped to match the event’s aesthetic for corporate events such as promotional activities, trade exhibitions, grand openings, shop giveaways, and other marketing campaign events. The regular customised wrap covers the external panels of the Claw Crane Arcade Machine in addition to parts of the interior panels and other game areas. This wrap may also be upgraded to cover all of the external panels of the machine. There are a few distinct varieties of Claw Machines, each offering a unique set of customisation choices.

GameKing will provide a skilled tester toy-type machine specially constructed for your events and other holiday gatherings. This machine can send a broad selection of items to the reward hole for your customers to win.

The products housed in the machines have a reasonable amount of leeway, provided that they do not weigh too much, are not too large to fit out the machine’s reward, or are not too little to be picked up by a claw. The diameters of the claws may be altered to suit your event better, and the win claw strength can be adjusted to optimise the pick-up win rate. We have hosted parties with only chocolate and toys, tennis balls and golf balls, lucky dips with foam bean bag balls covering the prizes, and other types of prizes as well.

Please contact our knowledgeable team at Game King if you have any questions regarding the branding of the Claw Machine or the Arcade Claw Machine and how to customise its packaging.

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