Nowadays, several methods of losing weight have gained popularity because they are deemed as effective without much of a lifestyle change. As a result, people who have tried these diet methods have often continued with their daily habits only with minimal alterations to what they normally eat, and how they normally exercise. They commonly consume the same kind of snacks with different nutritional content such as low-carb and high-fibre diets.

As such, snacks have been adapting this resurging norm of low-carb diets and healthy snacks. With vending machines as a convenient food supply nearby, they often prefer to purchase these snacks over those average ones. Below are some examples of vending machine snacks for low carb diet.

Protein Bars

Before, protein bars are often used as a post-workout snack since their primary purpose is to provide an easy source of protein to recover and grow muscles after a workout. This is the most ideal low-carb snack since it provides the body with replenishment after rigorous fat-burning and muscle-developing exercises. Contrary to the common versions of protein bars, low-carb ones have less than 10 grams of net carbs and at least nine grams of protein.

Meat Sticks and Rinds

Low-carb meat sticks normally have zero carb and no sugar since they are made up of simple and all-natural ingredients with meat, seasonings and water. They are ideal for several diets since they ratio on 70 percent fat to 30 percent protein. Same goes with meat rinds since they constitute around 52 percent fat and 48 percent protein.


Studies show that peanuts have a positive effect on weight loss. Based on statistics, people who often consume peanuts were 30 percent less likely to gain weight and maintain it that way. A peanut as a snack leaves the consumer less hungry even though eight to 12 hours has passed, thus, it significantly reduces one’s desire to eat. Aside from peanuts, pistachios are also proven to have the same effect. An ounce of serving only contains eight grams of carbohydrates. Almonds, on the other hand have six grams of carbohydrates per ounce of serving.

Potato Chip Alternatives

Several potato chip alternatives have flocked the market nowadays promoting a healthier version of the crowd favourite. Some alternatives to potato and tortilla chips are cheese, radish, cucumber and kale. Some of these alternatives are even tastier than potato and tortilla chips so you would not really know the difference if there are any.

Opt for a vending machine that is not only convenient but is also health-friendly. Choose Gameking Total Vending Solutions and give your customers and staff the low-carb snack options they deserved. Our vending machines are enclosed in highly visible glass front so that customers can see exactly what they are getting. This will assure them that they can make their low-carb choices from our snack vending machines

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