Vending machines have become popular for being an accessible source of food for a quick chow. Since they are stored inside a machine and are inclined to stay there for a certain period of time, it is common for vending machine options to have a longer shelf life. As such, the food available is most likely preservative-laden and unhealthy. That is why the most common finds in a vending machine are chips, junk food and sodas.

With this in mind, the discourse on whether or not to allow vending machines in schools has been an ongoing discussion. Most parents don’t want their children to adapt unhealthy eating habits. However, the vending machine industry has significantly changed over the years. As of now, more and more vending machines are dispensing healthy food options. Below are the reasons why vending machines with healthy food options are beneficial for schools.

Vending Machines with Healthy Food Options Promote Routine Healthy Snacking

Healthy choices such as fruit snacks, cereals, milk and yogurt are now available in vending machines. As such, children will learn how to snack in a healthier manner because they will learn it from routine. Aside from that, the health quality of food in the vending machine placed in schools is regulated by the government so as to curb childhood obesity and other diet-related conditions.

Vending Machines with Healthy Food Options Enables Easy Food Access

Children do get hungry in between breaks and vending machines with healthy food options give them easy access to food should they feel like having a bite. It is important for kids not to have an empty stomach while in school because the feeling of hunger may impede their learning. It is most likely hard  to concentrate in class when they crave for food. They prefer to snack during breaks and this can be assured by the availability of food-dispensing vending machines with healthy options. The fact that they are assured of accessing the vending machines during their break could relax them and motivate them to be more attentive. Normally, it’s the worry of not knowing where to get snacks that makes students less alert in class. Aside from that, they could just have their pick from the multiple options and they won’t feel forced about it because it’s their own choosing.

Vending Machines with Healthy Food Options Fills the Nutritional Gap of Children

The daily routine of going to school is almost always rushed especially when they are running late. This would posit the tendency to have nutritional gaps from lack of eating breakfast or having limited time to eat. The great thing about vending machines with healthy food options is they can come as vitamin and protein-enriched snack that would result into filling up the nutritional gaps of children.

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