Before combo vending machines were available on the market, companies need at least two machines to satisfy their employees. Both refrigerated drinks and packages of popular chips, cookies, crackers, candy bars and other snack foods were everyday necessities in office life. 

Contemporary company leaders know that these handy refreshments are in increasing demand among their employees. The main difference between today’s updated vending machines and past models is that today’s machines dispense a much wider variety of beverages and light foods. Natural beverages and healthy snacks are currently very popular.

The most frequently requested machine designs today are combo vending machines. Some of these new designs dispense snack foods and beverages along with other essential convenience items like toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap and hand sanitiser. However, the most popular types of contemporary combo vending machines for office use are ones that sell both drinks and snacks. 

 Why Combo Vending Machines Are a Good Vending Business Choice for Offices

Combo vending machines are an ideal vending business choice for office settings for various reasons, such as the following:

  1. Space Savers. Modern designs in combination vending machines are streamlined, saving valuable space in office lunchrooms, lounges and snack areas. Even in a small office coffee nook, there is room for a slim-lined combo vending machine. Since these machines dispense a pleasing variety of drinks and lite foods, there is no need for additional machines. 
  1. Cost-Efficient. Since a combo vending machine eliminates the need for company owners to order more than one machine, these machines help businesses save money initially. With a single vending machine providing snacks and beverages to employees, there is only one machine to stock and maintain. This reduces monthly service fees, saving funds to be used for another business purpose. 
  1. Popular with Staff. Office staff members appreciate the convenience of a vending machine that dispenses both their favourite drinks and beverages. They like being able to purchase refreshments with a single payment rather than having to pay for each item separately using different vending machines. 
  1. Energy Saver. Choosing a combo vending machine for your office is also an energy-saving plan. You can reduce your power usage and monthly electric bills by installing a single combo machine in your business offices. 

Some of the latest models of these machines are designed with energy-conserving technology. You may be surprised at the amount of savings your company can accrue during the year by installing a single combo food and beverage vending machine. 

When you consult our experts at Gameking Total Vending Solutions located in Morisset NSW, you will benefit from their experience, knowledge and advice. Our professional team can guide you in selecting the perfect combo vending machine model for your business office staff’s use and enjoyment. 

In the modern-day world, there is a growing need to conserve space, energy and money in business office situations. One major step in accomplishing these important goals is installing a single combo vending machine rather than continuing the older practice of having multiple machines dispensing different snack items. There are many ways to help preserve the earth’s natural resources today, and this is a practical and popular one.