Many people want to eat healthy food. This is not always easy, and it can be especially challenging for busy students who are constantly moving from one place to another. Putting vending machines with healthy food in schools and universities can help students have better diets.


Salads, fresh fruits and sandwiches can be put in vending machines. Students will not have to wait in long lines to purchase a meal or a snack. They can quickly make a choice from a vending machine. Getting a meal in a dining hall or going to a restaurant takes time. Preparing a meal at home also takes time. Fresh fruit and sandwiches can be eaten quickly while students are on their way to class.


These machines can be placed in halls and student lounges. If the machines are placed in areas that students frequently walk through, it will be easy for them to purchase healthy food between classes. Putting a vending machine with healthy food in a hallway in a classroom building will make it easy for students to buy food between classes. They will not have to go out of their way to eat a meal in a campus dining hall or café.

Students who are studying for exams or writing papers can eat whenever they want. They will not have to arrange their schedule around the times that meals are served in the campus dining hall.

Healthy snacks can be purchased and kept for later. Students can bring them back to their rooms and have them on hand to eat during study sessions.

Improves Students’ Health and Performance in Class

High school students can easily purchase healthy snacks that will help their growth. If they become familiar with healthy snacks that are tasty, this may help them develop good eating habits when they are older.

Students are likely to perform better in class if they eat better. Having a snack that satisfies their hunger will enable them to concentrate better during a class. They will not be thinking about how hungry they are during class.

University students will still be able to eat a healthy breakfast if they sleep too late to have breakfast in the dining hall. If fresh fruit is available in a vending machine, they can purchase that instead of a sweet pastry. Students can purchase bottled water to help them stay hydrated during long days of classes.

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