Consumers today have a wide variety of preferences when purchasing beverages and other items from vending machines. With busy work and school schedules, many people find it difficult to take time for a leisurely meal during the day.

For this reason, consumers of all ages often rely on convenient vending machine selections. They buy products from machines that dispense their favourite drinks and snacks to get them through the day and early evening.

Owners of vending machine businesses know the importance of placing machines in locations where the items for sale are the most popular. They keep careful records of product sales rates in varied locales. In busy places like shopping malls, transportation hubs and large office buildings, hospitals and college campuses, favourite products can vary significantly.

Knowing Your Market and High-Sales Products in Beverage Vending Machines

To ensure the ongoing success of your vending machine company, you need to determine your market as well as your high-selling beverage products. Ways to determine the most popular consumer selections from these convenient machines include the following:

  • Monitor Your Beverage Sales. By carefully monitoring the sales of different beverages offered in your vending machines, you can determine which drinks currently have the highest selling rates. You can then stock more of the top sales brands and eliminate beverages with lower sales records.
  • Track Young Beverage Buyers’ Habits. To get an accurate overview of the most popular beverages and top sellers on college campuses, consult your marketing experts. By following their informed advice, you can stock your vending machines on these campuses with the best-selling drinks of the season among students.
  • Assess the Favourite Drinks Bought in Hospitals. Vending machines placed in hospital staff lounges and public areas must provide service to people of many different ages and preferences. Doctors, nurses, technicians and other employees may have preferences ranging from standard sodas and juices to the latest all-natural and organic fruit, vegetable and herbal beverages.

Since hospital guests include young children, as well as teens and adults of all ages, hospital vending machines, tend to return the highest profits when stocked with a wide variety of beverages.

  • Monitor Top-Selling Drinks in Health Clubs and Spas. When stocking your vending machines located in health clubs and spas, monitor the top-selling drinks. In most locales, low-calorie, energising brands and drinks containing all-natural or organic ingredients have the highest sales rates.
  • Track Popular Beverages in Offices and Transportation Hubs. Accurate tracking of drinks with the highest sales rates from vending machines in business settings and transportation hubs is somewhat more complex. High-energy natural and organic beverages may sell best in the early morning and again in the late afternoon in transportation centres as students and young workers travel to and from school and workplaces.

However, in company offices where a majority of the employees are young adults, these healthy option drinks may maintain the highest sales rates throughout the workday.

By consulting our professional team at Gameking Total Vending Solutions located in Morisset, NSW, you can obtain excellent advice concerning ideal beverage inventories for your vending machines. We are the leading supplier of vending machines throughout Australia. Our experts can help ensure that you place the best current beverage vending machines and products in the appropriate venues to gain top-sales ratings and profits.