If your company has vending machines that dispense a variety of beverages, they are most likely placed in busy areas of shopping malls, sports arenas, office buildings or schools. Placement of these machines in highly visible locations that are heavily populated during business or event hours is very important. Transportation hubs and hospital centres are also excellent venues for making high sales conversions via your machines.

Due to changing trends in the popularity of different types of beverages today, it is essential to stay updated on the current top-selling products. Whether you have one or a whole series of beverage vending machines, you want to ensure high sales rates for increased profits. If you have combo machines that dispense both foods and beverages, you also want to keep them stocked with products that are in high demand.

Selecting the Right Beverages for your Vending Machines

You can choose the right beverages to sell in your vending machines according to the demand in each different venue where you place your machines. You can decide which beverages to offer in the following ways:

  • Regular Coke and Pepsi Products. These traditional beverages are especially popular in sports stadiums, transportation centres and community buildings. These standard cold drinks are familiar to people of all ages, and they are still top-selling products in many different venues.
  • Low-Calorie and Sugar-Free Options. These popular beverages are favourite choices among people of all ages who want or need to cut their intake of sugar and calories. These drinks are in demand on school campuses and many workplaces today. They also sell at high rates in sports arenas, entertainment venues and shopping centres
  • Natural and Organic Drinks. Healthy-choice beverages with all natural or organic ingredients are quite popular today in many settings. Especially in business offices, high schools and colleges where the majority of buyers are teenagers or young adults, these pure, healthy drinks are now quite popular.
  • Bottled Water. Healthy bottled water is considered an everyday necessity by people of all ages today. For this reason, it is wise to include it as a regular selection in beverage vending machine inventories everywhere. Regardless of the settings or locales in which your drink machines are situated, you can count on pure bottled water as a top-selling item.

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