Your event will attract more attendees and generate more revenue if you hire a custom-liveried Game King game show complete with skill-testing activities. You have an event coming up, and you want to ensure that as many people as possible participate, have a good time, generate revenue, and be successful, right?

Game King can assist you in getting the most out of your functions and events by providing highly commended arcade game hire packages right on time! These packages include a turn-key service that includes everything from custom livery to delivery and set up to collection after your event. Game King can help you get most of your functions and events. Whoever you are – a club manager, a networking host, the management of a shopping centre, a trade show organiser, or the organiser of a corporate event – we can assist you in ensuring that your event is both enjoyable and lucrative.

Expect Our Machines To Arrive On Time (Even Ahead)

With the number of events we cater during the holiday season, our seasoned experience in providing quality gaming experiences to our customers is unparalleled. Because of this, we will surely be right on time at the place of the event in time for your celebration! We can pack and ship all our claw machines and skill testers ahead of your celebration. With us here at Game King, you are assured that you can celebrate your holiday gatherings with so much fun and excitement!

Additional Appeal, Increased Delight, and Thrilling Action

Regardless of your company’s or event’s nature, the additional value, interest, and involvement you desire may be achieved via Game King games and skills tests. In addition, our games are a tried and tested money generator that provides cash in hand. Our claw machines and arcade games will generate uncomplicated money while providing many hours of entertainment for your customers or visitors. You only need to rent an arcade and claw game from Game King, take your earnings, and then relax as you watch others enjoy themselves.

Capture Their Attention With Challenging Games And Activities From Game King

Children and adults of all ages will enjoy the enjoyment of renting a claw machine. A rental of a claw machine from Game King is sure to be fun for everyone. Play the claw crane arcade game to determine whether you have what it takes to walk away with a reward! You may choose the prizes for this fantastic crane game that you can rent. It’s also possible to have rewards with your company’s branding! Ideal for company events and events celebrating holidays.

Customers Keep Coming Back for More and More!

Customers will keep returning to play the machines again because they like the activity, have a user-friendly experience, and do not suffer technical faults. Every time a player invests money in an opportunity to test the machine, the product sensor ensures they will walk away with either a modest or significant price. When inventory is running short, unique controls automatically alter the height of the deck to provide the impression that the machine is full. The environment is always kept at the appropriate temperature for those machines that give out consumable rewards.

Game King is the most successful event business in Melbourne. We will try to simplify the process of organising your events, regardless of their size or location. We can meet your event requirements regardless of the time of day, the weather, or the day of the week.

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