Have a great time with our Skill Tester Claw Machine rental. The Skill Tester, also known as the Claw Machine, is ideal for corporate events for branding and merchandising their logos, which we can give; all you need is the artwork, and we will brand the machine to reflect your company!

It is essential to hire from Gameking for business occasions or private parties. Get your claw ready and see if you can take home the prize!

Most Suitable For Store Customers

You will not only draw a crowd but your visitors will be pushed to master their talents with the Claw Machine to pull out your promotional presents or mementoes. You can use your inserts in the machine, or we can provide them for you.

Ideal For Branding, Too

The skill tester machines are a must-have for any event because clawing your keepsake out of the machine is so difficult that visitors will be fighting over who gets the next chance

Our Skill Testers

The traditional claw machine is usually a big hit. Its ability to add new goods to meet your specific demands makes it ideal for any event or activity. Highly addicting and entertaining for people of all ages. We can provide bespoke branding to promote your company or brand, which is ideal for corporate marketing activations.

Claw Machine Excitement and Entertainment

Claw machine prize crane game is a thrilling and entertaining merchandiser arcade game available for rent. The claw machine is commonly known as the prize crane game. It gets its name from the claws that capture various items placed within the machine. The products available for rent in the claw machine prize crane game vary from simple plush toys to licenced and seasonal merchandise featuring professional sports and recognised TV and movie characters to expressive watches, sunglasses, jewellery, and the newest technological toys and gadgets. The possibilities for merchandising are endless. We are only restricted by the size and weight of the products employed in the rental claw machine prize crane game.

As a merchandiser arcade machine, claw machine prize crane game. It instils excitement and an “I can do it” mentality in the game. Furthermore, the excitement for playing the game is heightened by all the “free gifts” to win. Often pricey branded t-shirts, trendy electronic toys, water bottles, and other items. The key aspect of the claw machine prize crane game is not the monetary worth of the object won but the mental bliss resulting from the company’s notoriety via promotional items. It is given to them for free if they complete the game within the time limit, which is generally 15 to 30 seconds.

Clients believe that this is the best technique to promote their items. Through the game, the participant gets rewarded for his successful work. They see it as the best approach to reach out to potential consumers. It aids in the creation of bridges and bonds with clients.

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