For most people, vending machines represent eating based on necessity or impulse. They may turn to vending machines when they skip breakfast, miss lunch, have afternoon hunger pains or have to stay late at work – or just have a craving for something sweet. The snacks offered in vending machines are generally unhealthy, but in many situations these snacks are the only food available.

Canned and Preserved Food Promotes Overall Healthy Diet

Snacking on soft drinks, candy bars and chips several times a week can detract from an overall healthy diet and lead to weight gain. Plus, many of the typical vending machine choices offer little nutritional value or substance, and could leave the people hungry again soon after – leading to more unhealthy eating. This can drastically affect your health care costs, as obesity is a catalyst for many other illnesses such as high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease. Even people who are health-conscious often forget to bring healthy snacks to work, leaving the vending machine as the only option.

Availability of Healthy Options Controls Consumption

You can help people choose healthier snacks by controlling what is offered in the vending machine. Request that your vending machine company stock machines with healthier alternatives (you could also look into switching to a vendor who provides healthier options). If your vending machine will still include unhealthier snacks, help people identify which items are good for them by marking them with colored stickers or asking the vending machine company to place them on the same shelves.

Fresh Food are Portable Choices

Fresh fruits and vegetables are easy, portable choices. Whenever you leave the house, get into the habit of stashing a fresh snack in your purse or backpack; think: apple, orange, banana, grapes or baby carrots. These snacks will keep you energized and avoid less-healthy snacks at vending machines. Look for seasonal choices. Your heart-healthy recipes will taste even better with produce that’s in season.

Healthy Food Availability Prevents Obesity

Overconsumption of food and drink is a key contributor to the high rates of overweight and obesity in the population. One possible intervention for reducing this is altering the availability of foods and drinks by increasing the range of healthier food or drink options and or decreasing the range of less healthy options. Indeed, availability is one of the top three interventions that has the highest likely impact across the population, it suggests that such interventions can reduce selection and consumption of targeted food products – albeit limited by the quality and quantity of the included studies.

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