The workplace is a hodgepodge of people with different backgrounds and personalities. These employees often have various lifestyles and habits. That is why having a stationary access to food and beverages for your employees by having a vending machine is a considerate and necessary move to enhance employee satisfaction and productivity. However, there are a few things to consider when installing a vending machine within your business premise.

Vending Machine Location

It is important to install the vending machine in areas with high foot traffic.  The main reason for this is to ensure the maximum amount of sales, which enable the vending supplier to maintain service at your property.  If the machine is tucked away in a dark corner of your office, it’s not likely it will get much use. Common areas like break rooms or hallways are always a good place for a vending machine.

Available Space

The sizes of vending machines often vary but they are generally large pieces of equipment. The standard size is usually 72″x39″x33, so you will have to make sure there is enough room for the machine itself and for the door to open. Sometimes the machine will just fit into the space where you want it, but then there’s not enough room for the door to open so it can be stocked with product. Another issue that might surface is the space of the door in your business premise. You have to ensure that your entrance can accommodate the size of the vending machine once it is delivered in your business premise’s doorsteps.

Desired Products

Beverage machines are the most common vending machine products since they are typically fine in all weather conditions. But if you plan on getting a snack machine, be aware of what kind of items it will be stocked with. If there are candy bars or soft, chewy candies, they will most likely melt in the summer heat.

Business Hours Appropriation

If your business premise operates outside the normal business hours, make sure to arrange some sort of schedule with the vending operator. Businesses that are only open in the late afternoon or early evening can make it difficult to service since most vending companies finish up a day’s work at that time. If your business opens later in the day, let the vending operator know up front. That way they can try and figure out the best way to service the machine.

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