When setting up school vending machines, there are important factors to consider. Snacks and beverages in these machines should appeal to youngsters, teens and young adults of different ages while offering healthy, nutritional choices.

If you are the owner or operator of a vending machine company providing these well-stocked machines for use in school settings, take time to learn the current most popular trends in snacks, light foods and drinks among school-age kids, teens and college students today.

Five Important Aspects to Consider When Placing and Stocking School Vending Machines

Five major factors to consider when placing and stocking school vending machines today include the following:

  1. Popular Snacks for Young Children. When placing your vending machines in school settings, the age of the students will determine the types of snack foods and beverages to stock for the highest sales. Product sales for elementary school students are supervised by teachers or school administrators.

These youngsters like chocolate bars, small hard candies and chips displayed in colourful wrappers and bags. Fruit juices, flavoured milk and sodas are also popular among these young school-age children.

  1. Top-Selling Snacks and Beverages for Teens. Teenagers attending middle school and high school tend to like the highest trending new snack items and drinks. Combination fruit drinks, sodas and bottled water are all popular with this age group. Also popular among this active group are energy bars and protein drinks.
  1. Practical Aspects of Combo Machines. In high school lunchrooms and on college campuses, combo vending machines are in high demand. These machines dispense both snack foods and beverages, and high-energy products are often the most popular items. Bottled water, both flat and sparkling, are among the highest selling products in these machines.
  1. Placement of Healthy Choice Products. Healthy choice products along with natural and organic light foods, snacks and drinks are very popular on college campuses today. Students, faculty members and staff all like these health-promoting choices for quick snacks between classes or meetings and on lunch breaks. Hallways outside of libraries and general study or gathering areas are also ideal places to position machines that stock nutritious, appealing snacks and beverages.
  1. Popular School Snacking Areas. Before placing your vending machines in school snacking areas, you should ensure that they will be positioned in easily accessible, convenient locations. School lunchrooms, student and faculty lounges and recreation areas are all good choices for profitable placement of your machines. Lobbies leading to school auditoriums, lecture halls and sports arenas are all good places to position vending machines dispensing popular snacks and drinks.

By consulting our experts at Gameking Total Vending Solutions with offices located in Morisset, NSW, you can obtain comprehensive information and advice concerning the placement and setup of your school vending machines. Our experienced team will ensure that you choose the ideal school venues for positioning these machines for the highest sales rates and profits.

Once you realise the great potential for raising your sales rates significantly with the excellent placement of your machines, you will appreciate the value of owning school vending machines. As you place more machines in ideal school locations, you can enjoy steadily increasing profits and greater business success.