Customised vending machines for promotional events will save you and your company time and money with state-of-the-art, automated retail setups for your long or short-term event. Whether you are planning a one-night event, a week-long conference or a promotional seminar that recurs every two months, you can rent vending machines that will dispense your latest products, marketing brochures and materials or event favors to boost sales conversions. These attractive, practical vending machines can be rented easily without any long-term commitment. Use of them can make your next event both memorable and profitable. Today’s smart vending machines are designed to make an event easier and more enjoyable for you, your customers and all of your event guests.

These convenient and cost-effective machines are currently in popular use for dispensing retail, health-related and specialty food and beverage items in many different venues. Products stocked for sale include sunglasses, watches, cosmetics, T-shirts, swim suits, video games and DVDs, foot-ware, mobile phones, ink cartridges and myriad types and items of food and beverages. Rental machines for your event can be customised to stock any promotional items, literature, featured products and event favors that you choose to offer to clients and guests at your event. All of these updated vending machines offer a user-friendly interface and the necessary technology to enable you to access all the secure sales and stock data from your computer or smartphone.

Important Benefits of Using Customised Vending Machines for Promotional Events

Major benefits gained by companies that use customised vending machines for promotional events include the following:

• Affordable Rental Rates. – Smart vending machines not only offer you the opportunity of increasing your sales revenues at your promotional events, but they also are available for very reasonable rental fees. Many vending machine suppliers now offer highly competitive rates, and they will often adjust their charges to accommodate company budgets for each event.

• Co-Branding. – Many top smart vending machine suppliers also offer clients the opportunity of enjoying discounted prices through use of co-branding. Co-branding methods often include mentioning the vendor in your PR or media promotions, branding the vendor on your graphics wrap or including the vendor name on your social network posts and ads.

• Shipping. – The majority of vendors have expert delivery crews who will handle the entire process of shipping, delivery and setup of your rental smart vending machines. Charges for this service are included in your rental fee and agreed to at the time you rent your vending machines. Most vendors offer flexible delivery and pick-up times for rented machines and will arrange delivery and removal of their smart vending machines to accommodate your event schedule.

By contacting Gameking Australia located in Morisset, NSW and offering services throughout Australia, you will gain excellent advice concerning the best and latest models in smart vending machines to enhance your company’s next promotional event. When you rent your modern, attractive vending machines from our experienced professionals, you will receive cost-effective rental rates, timely and safe vending machine delivery and complete setup and removal services to ensure high levels of success for your next promotional event.

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