Offering vending machines and products to your customers or clients, employees, visitors, or others who enter your establishment, is an ideal way to show that you care about their needs of a pick-me-up during their time with you. While you have avoided installing any of these machines up until now because you feel that they will take up too much of your space, we are here to explain to you that there is a space-saving alternative that still offers a wide assortment of products. The alternative is the combo vending machines that our company, Gameking, offers. It provides snacks in the upper portion and beverages in the lower portion.

One Combo Machine Requires Less Space

Since this machine takes the place of two machines, it requires far less space than installing multiple ones will in your establishment. Even though it is compact in size, it still offers plenty of value for you and all of your vending customers.

Combo Machines Offer a Wide Assortment of Products

You can still provide plenty of choices to your vending customers with one of our combo vending machines. These machines are roomy enough to offer chips, candy, cookies, and an assortment of beverages along with any other items that you prefer.

Beverages Are Pleasantly Cool

Combo machines will keep the beverages at just the right temperature for optimal enjoyment like the beverage machines do from our company, thanks to their dual-zone refrigerated cabinet. Nothing is less refreshing than warm soft drinks, juice or other drinks. Certain drinks may even spoil at wrong temperatures. Your beverages in these machines will be kept at a cool, safe temperature to prevent any issues or dissatisfaction.

We Exchange or Refill Products at Regular Intervals

To guarantee that your products are fresh and what your vending customers purchase, we refill or exchange products periodically or upon request. After all, we want your vending experience with our machines to be problem-free and rewarding.

Our Company Maintains the Combo Machines

As part of our agreement with you, we perform all necessary maintenance on your combo machines to keep them working on an optimal level each day. We never leave you with a malfunctioning machine.

To learn additional facts about our combo vending machines for snacks and beverages, contact us soon. Our company will provide you with the dimensions of the machines and any other facts that you require to decide whether our combination machines are right for your location and circumstances. Also, we offer other vending machines in case space is not an issue at your establishment.

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