During the Covid19 pandemic, well-stocked vending machines have been in great demand throughout Australia and around the globe. Especially during lock-down periods when children and teens attended virtual classes and many adults worked from home, these machines became essential to everyday life. Community shopping hours were often limited and many stores were closed for weeks or even months at a time. During these lock-downs, community residents could buy groceries and other essential supplies at malls and corner shopping areas using reliable vending machines.

Today’s leading vending machine suppliers normally place these machines at convenient areas in business facilities, hospitals, educational institutions and other busy locations. Gyms and health clubs as well as movie theatres and community centres are also popular spots for placing vending machines. If your company or organisation currently needs advice and services from a top-rated supplier of these machines, our experts at Gameking Total Vending Solutions can help. Our excellent, experienced team supplies the latest model vending machines to clients throughout New South Wales and across Australia.

Ideal Locations for Vending Machine Placement During the Covid19 Pandemic

Highly recommended locations for placing vending machines throughout the duration of the Covid19 pandemic include the following:

• Hospitals and Healthcare Centres. Having well-stocked vending machines in convenient areas of hospitals and healthcare centres during the Covid19 pandemic is essential. Especially for doctors, nurses and other healthcare staff members, having machines dispensing foods, beverages, toiletries and other essentials nearby is very important.

• Malls and Corner Shopping Areas. Many malls and corner shopping areas have indoor or outdoor walkways suitable for placing well-stocked vending machines. Even people who are hesitant to shop in person during the pandemic will often drive to the mall or local corner stores to pick up food or other items that they may need.

• Drive-Through Purchase and Pick-up Points. Many merchants today offer rapid drive-through product purchasing as well as quick pick-up points for pre-purchased items. These drive-through areas are often spacious enough to include rows of the latest vending machines. These machines enable fast, easy and convenient shopping options for local residents who frequent these drive-through areas.

• Covered Walkways on College Campuses.
College campuses usually have long covered walkways leading between classroom buildings, dining halls and dormitories. These walkways are ideal spots for placing vending machines dispensing a wide variety of foods, beverages and other items that students, faculty and campus workers commonly purchase.

• Commercial Building Lobbies. The lobbies of commercial office buildings, factories, organisational facilities and community centres are all excellent locations for placing vending machines. These lobbies and entryways are in use on a regular basis by people who must keep business operating, even during a pandemic.

• Transportation Hubs. Since schools and many businesses are now reopened in many cities and communities as pandemic lock-down restrictions subside, more people are using transportation hubs. Train and bus stations are busier once again and in need of well-supplied vending machines that dispense a wide variety of products.

Commuters are now accustomed to the great convenience of making vending machine purchases of products ranging from meals, snack foods and beverages to sunglasses, clothing, smartphones, laptops and many other items.