Today, your amusement park needs to ensure that each visitor has an enjoyable experience to keep ahead of your competition. For this reason, your park not only needs exciting rides, tasty foods and beverages, and the large participation games, but it also should have prize vending machines for visitors to test their skills without the need of attendants. We know this fact because we provide games and skill testers here at Gameking to a wide array of clients including amusement parks.

Our Game and Skill-Testing Machines Are State-of-the-Art

Gameking offers only the most current machines with the latest graphics to entice players to purchase chances for prizes. Each one has a sleek, modern design. Surfaces are smooth for ease of cleaning. Also, our machines contain clear, bright fluorescent lights that are flicker-free.

We Provide Machines That Are Durable to Ensure Maximum Operation

With their innovative, robust construction, our games and skill testers are highly durable to last over time with regular daily use by a crowd of people. Not designed for the manufacturer but for the repairer, which means far less downtime. Also, they contain only quality, Australian-made components. Since they include easy-clean note readers and coin mechanisms, and anti-jam coin chutes for payment, you will not need to endure the downtime that coin jams cause. This helps you enjoy maximum uptime with each machine.

Convenient Instructions through a Touch-Screen Display

Players understand how to operate these machines easily since our machines contain instructions through their touch-screen displays. Any and all essential information is transmitted clearly to the players in this manner.

Skill-Testing and Game Machines From Our Company Keep Customers Coming Back for More

Customers will keep coming back to play the machines over and over again since they enjoy the action, have a user-friendly experience and suffer no mechanical malfunctions. The product sensor guarantees that the player will win a minor or major prize each time they pay for an opportunity to try the machine. If stock is low, special controls adjust the height of the deck automatically to make the machine appear full. For those machines with edible prizes, the climate is at the right temperature at all times.

Gameking Games and Skill Testers Provide an Interactive Experience to All Users

On top of all the other features, our machines provide an interactive experience to players from start to finish. In fact, their interaction is logged by the machine to inform you of how much the users enjoy the action.

For further information about how to add fun and games to amusement parks with prize vending machines, contact us. We will answer all your questions thoroughly and explain what we can provide for your amusement park.

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